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Im in love with my ex partner, they left me 5 months ago but


Im in love with my ex partner, they left me 5 months ago but we still live together and sometimes have sex but they say they dont want to be with me yet because they need to figure themselves out and who they are i dont even know what to do anymore wait? Leave? Tell them i need an answer about it? Idk!!! Im so unhappy

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Dec 7

@Kris3811 I've been in your shoes with my last relationship. After I found out that he cheated on me, I couldn't break up with him for a year. I wasn't happy, wasn't feeling anything and stuff. But I was still going on. The only thing I was holding on to was the 5 years we spent together.
Then I finally realised something. I wasn't in love or anything.
I WAS ADDICTED! And when I let go of him I was got over him.

Dec 9

You are welcome.

Feb 28

@sweetroll thank you,i feel like i do . it will be a while before i could do anything i wouldnt have the means for months here it is feb and im still here...


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