I feel like I’m abad person. A bad girlfriend. My boyfrien

I feel like I’m abad person. A bad girlfriend. My boyfriend is a really nice and good guy and he always wants to be there for me when I’m really not doing well mentally. But I still feel not happy and feel like I deserve better. When I see a couple gettinf married I say in my head “No”, I don’t see myself getting married with anyone. Same if I see a couple walking around with there children. I once again say “No” in me head. At the beginning when me and my bf first met and weren’t dating he told me he would like to get married and get children one day. At that point I already told him that I don’t want that. That I don’t see that happening in my life. Still decided to start a relationship. I just don’t know what to do. I’m his first gf and in his eyes I’m his everything. Today he asked me for what he is still good for and I ignored his question. I don’t want to answer it. Definitely not now that I’m mentally not doing well for the last month. The only thing I wanted to do this weekend was lay in my bed all day. I don’t feel like doing anything. I jusr want to be alone. Stay in bed.

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Apr 15

It sounds like you were honest with your boyfriend in the beginning and sounds like he was as well. Sometimes ppl don't want the same things in a relationship, that's when you have to really thi k about what you are willing to compromise on so that both you and your boyfriend can have happy life wether that means with each other or not.
I'm sorry, I wish I could be more help.
Just continue to be honest., that will take you much further in life than circling the mulberry bush!
I'm glad you found our site and are reaching out for support!


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