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Just tried to kill myself tonight. Hung myself in the shower

Just tried to kill myself tonight. Hung myself in the shower. Dogs somehow had a sense that’s something was going on and alarmed my girlfriend. She’s threatened to call 911 or my parents. I don’t want to go back to the hospital I went to. My girlfriend wants to leave me and I can’t blame her but at the same time I need her. I love her. I want her for the rest of my life.

UtopiaK's picture
Dec 7

You should seek for help, because you might suffer from difficult depression level... It's always good to ask for help. Don't be afraid..
There might be a reason for you to decide to kill yourself..
I kindly suggest you to visit psychiatrist and psychologist. I do visit them. It helps me.. Just try seek for help, I think you would be happier later...

God bless you!

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Dec 7

try and stay around people often, and tell them how you truly feel, its ok to do this!!! its ok to let your friends know, and its ok to seek help from them, as one day they might need you too, stay close to your girl, she needs you and you need her

Dec 7

Doesn’t matter. She wants to leave me because she says I’m too much for her.


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