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Coming back to the site after a long absence. Life got bette

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Coming back to the site after a long absence. Life got better for a while but the rollercoaster is heading down hill again. Looking forward to it going up the next hill. Depression is getting to me a lot more lately, mostly to relationship issues. My husband and I are currently separated, and though I've kept busy as possible, feelings of loneliness and sadness are creeping in.
Anyone else feeling this way today?

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Dec 11

The hardest part is actually being separated. Feels as though you need someone there on a daily basis. Just know, you dont. The hardest part is actually letting go, but it'll get better some what. I'm now separated from my wife for the last 3-4 months and I can now see, I don't need to depend on anyone's help. It's gonna be hard but just pray and you'll see for yourself. Have a little faith.

Dec 20

I've rejoined myself. It's nice that there's a safe spot here to come and share. It's been 4 years since I left my ex and for the first two, I missed having someone there to wake up with, share stupid stuff with. I've got our kids, but still missed that. Loneliness is an issue. But here there is always someone to hear you. :)
This time of year is tough , as are all of the firsts - the first anniversary apart, etc. But separation is kind of like a death. Mourning it is okay as you move forward.

Dec 24

Part of the healing process is knowing emotions are normal. Everyone has ups and downs. Just do not stay down. Some days it is hard so you just gotta manage to cope. I have found that serving the community and church turns the focus off me and to others and helps. I her purpose and reenergized serving others. I have also found that finding ways to be creative helps get you out of that depression. I hope you can find some way to beat that funk.


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