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I've come to realize that after 10yrs in prison & then come

I've come to realize that after 10yrs in prison & then come out to a new world was one thing but then to lose both parents in a short time didn't help either & to start getting alot of money for a time I really didn't morn the lose of my parents properly, I was running & gunning & not really thinking about anything or anyone else at the time, now going through this break up with my ex girlfriend & the lost love it has reawakened my lose of my parents, yeah I've lost others friends & people by death but the lost of my ex girlfriend love made me realize that I'm also mourning the lost love of my parents too, I know I know I'm trying everything everyone has told me & I'm getting better but I know I got a long ways to go, I don't want to die alone I don't want to be alone & lonely I want to love & be loved by a special someone!! & I guess if it comes when I'm 70-80 yrs old....well if I live that long....

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Apr 16

I am sorry you have dealt with so much loss after paying your debt to society, gosh, sometimes life is just really unfair!


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