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"Who made you feel this way? Like your heart’s too heavy

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"Who made you feel this way?
Like your heart’s too heavy
And all its soft parts Are gone?
Who made you feel
Like this toxic thing
Like no one Wants you
And you don’t belong?
Who made you feel
Like your scars
Aren’t beautiful
And your baggage Isn’t worth carrying? Who made you feel
Like you don’t
Deserve everything
And you aren’t
Someone worth keeping?
Just tell me where It all went wrong
So I can make you feel
Like you really belong
The stars have died
And left their light to you
Remember this when
You feel weak
And worthless
And blue"
From the book Pillow Thoughts by
Courtney Peppernell

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Dec 5

@AnaOliverI guess you don't know my history. I don't "Blame" anyone; she IS an ABUSER who is Culpable. Freud was a narcissist himself; he could not accept Jung's correct assessment of him as a power addict(and cocaine addict.) Jung was the more intelligent psychiatrist of the two. I am so lovable and my mother is not ; her personality is arsenic type according to homeopaths. That is reality not "blame". a child abuser is completely detestable. Thanks for the poem I know i am so lovable<3 hugssssss

Dec 5

@AnaOliver there is a big dfifference between being a narcissitic abuser and making mistakes everyone makes mistakes my mother beat me from the time i was two and a half and called me horrible names. I attended kindergarten with bruises down my legs she starved me and i did not grow. I took care of myself my whole life I survived despite her efforts to kill me. I love the poem, it is so true for Me<3

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Dec 5

@never2late4meever Sorry for what you were through. I'm glad you were able to survive all that. It just proves how strong you are.


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