*Update* I built up the strength and went to the VA for the

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I built up the strength and went to the VA for the first time today. It was hard. In fact, they forced me to sit down with an RN to see if I should be put on a suicide hold. That freaked me the hell out. Fortunately, the RN was more understanding than the LPN and didn't put me on a hold. I got some meds for sleep and depression today, I have been worried about that, but I think I am doing ok. I actually am starting to feel think things are looking up. I know it is going to be a struggle and an up hill climb. But for the first time, I think it might actually be possible. Thank you all who have helped me over the past couple of days. You gave me the strength to go in and get it done.

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May 19

I know it can be scary to do those things but I am glad you reached out. I am here if you ever want to talk about anything


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