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***trigger warning*** the worst part of my day is waking u

***trigger warning***
the worst part of my day is waking up, realizing what I was experiencing was a dream, remembering what my life is like and then struggling with thoughts of suicide. Not a great way to start the day. Everyday now, for weeks.

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Aug 7

@Shaker "don't panic" is what is written in big bold letters on the front of the hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy :) Elon musk is a nerd

Aug 9

Yes. He is a super nerd :) Wish all nerds could find a path to success.

Aug 10

I had those nightmares and bad mornings because of sad memories I was trying to kill/forget instead of dealing with them. But then I took the time to consciously recall them with some tolerance, in the safety of my room, and they certainly didn't make me feel comfortable for a while, but time after time they lost much of their bullying power over me and I felt better with time.


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