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What if god doesnt exist at all

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What if god doesnt exist at all

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Dec 3

@John2014 I'm a she.

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Dec 3


Great question.

Let's consider all that the believers claim this god is or must be. Some claim that the god is everywhere, knows everything, and brings all things into existence. On the other hand, they also claim it is invisible, transcendent, beyond our ability to understand.

So we are told this god is everywhere but nobody can actually see it. Believers surmise his existence via the 'creation' but it cannot a direct knowledge because direct knowledge of an infinite being is impossible for the limited human mind.

So the believer will say that 'God has to hide Himself' in order for us to have free will. If we could see God, then we of course would never have a choice to believe, be tempted by sin, etc. Not seeing God is God's way of testing our spiritual strength.

It's a very nice mind game to state that something must be real precisely because we cannot see it due to it's deliberate mission to make sure we can exercise a thing (free will) which might also not be real.

A man walks by a cherry tree where another man is sitting in its shade.
"Excuse me. Did you know that elephants hide in cherry trees? "
"No. I did not."
"Have you ever seen an elephant in a cherry tree?"
"No. I have not."
"Hide pretty good, don't they?"

While I respect other's beliefs (to a limit), I am not going to play 'Where's Waldo?' when it comes to gods and religions. If your god is as you claim then it should be obvious. If you have to make up excuses as to why your god is not visible, or why it doesn't answer prayers, or why it allows children to suffer, it makes you sound more like a defense attorney than a faithful believer.

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Dec 3

I have so much to say. perhaps I will say it later. it is enough for now to write that if there is a God, I think he wants us to figure out things for ourselves. Also I admire atheists even though that is not my path.


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