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What truely takes away the depression? Medicine can rebalanc

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What truely takes away the depression? Medicine can rebalance your chemical levels, talking to someone encourages you, working on self worth helps some...but what takes away the pain? When actually erases the struggle of depression? How do you escape the fight within?

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May 9

@Ducktape hi I think it's a possibility more than a probability. I haven't heard of anyone trying this worth a try

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May 9

I think it would be very dangerous to try EMDR on your own. I describe it as pulling the scabs off and letting the wound drain. It hurts like hell but needs to happen to heal. Opening up Pandora's Box without a professional to guide and support you .... the idea of that scares the hell out of me. I only do it because I trust my therapist.

May 10

My therapist let me know numerous times that EMDR will make things worse before it makes things better, so the guidance of a professional, particularly in the early stages of EMDR therapy, is vital. After doing EMDR for a few months my therapist let me know that I was ready to try it on my own, so it is possible, just after you've gone through the worst of it with an experienced professional.


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