I've decided to make a hard decision and look back into ther

I've decided to make a hard decision and look back into therapy. I've also decided I'm going to take a sick day today because my depression is my excuse; however, they don't need to know that and I need a me day to regroup, gather my thoughts, and work on extra homework. Maybe even clean the dorm, except for what my roommate has to do. Like I only have two classes today and one of them never has homework. So I'm pretty sure I can pull it off.

Sep 12

Good to hear that you're going to try therapy. I hope that it will be useful.

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Sep 13

@Heavensearcher Thank you, me too. I haven't been able to sleep and I just need help because I have been dissociating, being revictimized, isolating, being triggered every time I turn around, and just very emotional lately. Like I woke up around 11:00 last night and I was pissed off by the time two this morning rolled around because I was still not sleeping. I went to take a shower and was triggered by that but feel fresh after doing so. I have yet to fall asleep. Like I'm tired enough to fall asleep but my mind and my body are not letting me. I've been looking into relaxation techniques and one of my main ones is music but that's not working. So as soon as I get off of here I'm probably going to take deep shallow breaths focus on those maybe even count if I need to and see what happens after that. I have emailed DVACK about maybe making an appointment today and hopefully they are not super booked because I need help finding a therapist and they are better and more resourceful at research than I am.

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Sep 13

I am so sorry for how you feel but I am so glad you are seeking for therapy. A lot of times it really helps to seek out help and talk it through someone, especially a professional counselor. Hang in there you can do it!


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