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*** TRIGGER WARNING *** Does self harm help with the situat

Does self harm help with the situation ? We usually have lunch and dinner together but today i didnt feel like sitting with my family . I sat alone in my room and my dad walked in and i just froze . I felt sick looking at him standing there smiling . He told me to continue eating and he kept looking at me . What did he mean by that ? I felt weak . I told him i didnt feel like eating anymore and he screamed at me telling me to finish my lunch. I remember i just tried stuffing everything inside my mouth so that he leaves . I wanted to throw up which i did after he left. I felt sick to my stomach . He told me that he loves me and all those things he did just came running back. He said that he needs to do some work but he will make sure to wish me good night tonight . Since then im sitting here im my room . I cant breath . I keep throwing up on and off . I dont have any more nails to bite . Im scared of him. I keep using my inhaler to the point that my head hurts. I feel numb . I dont want him to wish me good night . Last time he did he hurt me .

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mmadwaite's picture
Apr 1

@Maly98 I'm so sorry you are subject to his behaviors. You need to try and figure out a way to get out of there.

_DepressedRose_'s picture
May 21

yes, please leave that situation

beth65's picture
May 25

She had messaged me that she did leave and get help but hasn't responded to any of my messages for about a month now.


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