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I am so tired of all of this. Everytime I feel like I am doi

I am so tired of all of this. Everytime I feel like I am doing better I fall back down. I just want this to be done, I am so sick of feeling this way and being so stuck. I have tried so hard to get out of this hole and I feel like I keep falling into it. He’s out there living his life escaping this. I was there for him in every moment and I gave him everything that I could have. I feel so ashamed and stupid and I can’t believe I fell for him everytime. And now that things have finally been cut off for good I thought I would feel encouraged but I don’t, it just keeps feeling the same. And I feel so done

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Aug 10

I know you are tired. If life knocks you down 7 times, get up 8 times. Just keep going. Don't give up on your healing and all you want because someone didn't value you. I'm sorry you were not treated with kindness and respect. Give yourself some credit; you escaped it. U helped yourself. People sometimes paint the picture that you have to have some big breakthrough for healing, but its really a process. Some days, you might wake up and think, "Nothing has changed." But true healing takes time.


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