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I am really bored with life. Really really bored. Makes me d


I am really bored with life. Really really bored. Makes me depressed. I feel like my life is a piece of shi t. :) Even though I have "accomplished" stuff. Like I was in a 7 month relationship that didnt feel like anything much. There were no interesting conversations past the superficial ones. There were no "tell me your secrets". He couldnt handle my secrets lol Superficial relationship that I bidazzled. Yesterday i went to a restaurant where you experience dining in the dark, and a blind person leads you to your food. It was the most interesting experience of my life. OF MY LIFE. And I have no one to tell this to lol But my sister was there and it was a lot of fun. I think that's one thing I am really really grateful to my mother for, for giving me a sister. She also gave me food etc and Im thankful for that too. Narcissists do the best they can. They cant help it that they're ego centered. Kinda sad. But also not my fault and therefore not my problem.

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Apr 13

@Blueberries1234 my goodness! I know that feeling too well!! just keep faith girlie! positivity and focus is KEY! and remember those bad days are just the rain for your sunshine soon to come!

Apr 14

@JoshSmithJosh15 yea it was an incredible experience. it was really emotional actually. Like I started to touch my face and my skin felt really soft for some reason. And then I was able to map out my face. I was super scared, and I was only holding my sisters hand nd it was the only sense of comfort I had. it was also REALLY liberating. I didnt care qhat i looked like because no ine could see me. I had my eyes open the whole time and it was so strange that I kept blinking. It was r eally really weird. I tasted chocolare mousse, but I coukdnt figure out if it was chocolate at all. It was really weird like I didnt know what i was eating if i coukdnt see it. def try it!

Apr 14

@Blueberries1234 sounds like a unique experience! I’m glad you were able to do it. There nothing like that where I live, but I suppose on a trip someday that opportunity will be present.


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