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So, I've been on a social networking site for a while. I hon

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So, I've been on a social networking site for a while. I honestly never thought of it as a way to find dates, just a way to connect with people, and I thought I had made a friend. But then he starting asking me when we can meet. I said after I get to know you better, make sure I can trust you. His response was that he wasn't going to wait very long and I should know that, since it's a dating site(condescendingly. It actually made me almost cry. I had spilled my guts about all of my traumas, and thought we had actually connected, and his response is "Well you aren't worth my patience.". Ouch.... I don't even use online dating sites... ****... This honestly triggered buried abandonment "you're worthless and don't deserve even the basics of common decency" issues. I was having a good day too. How do you guys pull yourself out of things like this?

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Jun 12

@Foundlove I believe once you heal that part of yourself those healthy men will come your way and stay.

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Jun 12

@Foundlove I disagree, being in love is not insane. Been there and crave that feeling again more than anything. It’s just difficult to find these days, and giving up hope seems to be something I have to fight through and believe. Yes connection before meeting is important to know what’s in someone’s heart. I think dates are too fast paced. I can move past physical imperfections when I know someone’s true personality and how their minds think. People are socially awkward these days, so I agree that texting is a great thing.

Jun 13

i used a dating site. nice looking men but shallow. don't want to talk to you unless they see a picture. i thought i was ready but after reading some of what i saw, i decided i wasn't. i think when i am ready, i will try speed dating. at least i can decide right then right there. you might consider that too. you don't have to take nothing off of anyone...period


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