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I keep wanting to die. I just feel stuck and sad. Like WHY d

I keep wanting to die. I just feel stuck and sad. Like WHY do people not care about me or respect me? Why does not one value me? No one sees me, and if they do they still dont actually care. I just want to be alone and have a dog and be by myself for the rest of my life. It's just better than losing myself. I just become an echo, and lose my own voice because I care about people and want them to feel seen. It really is, like that story about Narcissus and Echo who falls in love with him. Im no one.

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Mar 17

let's support each other and talk more... maybe we will end up helping each other the more

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Mar 17

Sounds like a plan

Mar 17

Oh love, know that you are more than valuable and that this "season" will pass- it will change and blossom into something great. The key is to be kind to yourself, speak words of love and affirmation over yourself and accept that you are worthy of love even when those around you don't show it. Negative will attract negative. Know that life is worth living and that you are dearly loved by the God who made you-an everlasting love that never changes. Disappointments in life don't have to define you it's not about never being disappointed or hurt it's about how you handle it and what choices you make to rise above your circumstances. Joy is possible even in the hurt. Praying you find true joy in your life and know deep in your heart that you are loved and life is always worth living.


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