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The narc keeps changing his profile pics to matching shoes w

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The narc keeps changing his profile pics to matching shoes with that bi*** why does he continue this I cant take it anymore he never did that with me. Yes he is blocked but I cant stop checking his instagram profile or hers

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Sep 16

@Casey11 Loved the flying monkeys. The people who tell me are looking out for me. Even my attorney says that she is using him to get her house worked on.

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Sep 17

@jadesanz check out books from the library on narcissism. See a counselor to vent to as well, this keeps you busy. Think abt all the times he never gave you affection, attention, respect, honesty, treated you like a queen. Know your worth, becz a real man will see your worth and you never have to question him becz he will show you and tell you without vague responses. Narcs are not people, I consider them as an it. It looks human, but it’s not. It’s just a confused thing that acts like a two year old throwing constant tantrums.

Sep 18

@Casey11, they do that. They literally use a dog as competition for their supply. I got these two cute little dogs for me, cause I'm a dog person. He hated dogs before this. He was about to be cruel to one of them one day and I told him "NO" then another time he tried to let them out of the house on purpose so they'd run away. Finally he tried to win the favor of both dogs with treats. Even after one of the dogs got diabetes he still wanted to give her treats to garnish her favor. Our dog before all this happened, he took to the pound without even telling me.


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