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Ive been through hell and back. My ex narc ruined my life. H

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Ive been through hell and back. My ex narc ruined my life. He used me. My 1st everything hurts to learn that he never truly loved me im so devestated. But i still feel dead. I feel empty!!! empty!!! like a shell. Idk what is going on with me. I started to self harm recently. Now i feel like doing drugs. I dont want to become something im not i feel useless and worthless. I feel like he took everything i was with him Pain really does change you

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Oct 12

You have the right to grieve your genuine feelings . It was not your fault that they were directed toward the wrong person. My narc was my first everything too. It hurts like hell. Plus, the narc moves on with his life while you are the one in deep suffering and that adds more to your pain. It s a very difficult phase in life and it does leave lot of scars. Silent the narc for life, it s the only way to get back your dignity and to protect yourself. Time is the other name of God, it ll heal you, it might be a very long process but you ll get there. Hughs.


Precious friend,
No one has a right to define you. Do not let him have power over your life. You have made some choices that you regret, but that does not have to be all that there is. Your relationship with him is not a healthy one, and you deserve so much better. Have you considered going into a rehab or getting some counseling? You are treasure. Your life has meaning and purpose and value, completely independent of him or of any man. You do not need a man to define you,. I really encourage you to get the book "The Purpose Driven Life: What on Earth am I Here For?" by Rick Warren. I guarantee you that you are hear for a much better purpose than that man. Take it one step at a time, one day at a time. We are here for you and you are such a valuable person. Your life has meaning, it has purpose, and it has value.

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Oct 13

Thank you all for the encouraging and comforting words i appreciate you all so much !


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