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I miss what i thought you were :(

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I miss what i thought you were :(

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Dec 5

It's kind of like Halloween when you think about it. They ring your door bell wearing a costume and a mask. They say "Trick or Treat?" If you treat them with real good treats, they will never forget where you live and will return to ring your bell. Only now, you know to leave the lights out and not open that door. Trick or Treat? More like "Trick," there wasn't any treat.

I once imagined a movie, that could be written by Stephen King, about a person going around knocking off narc's. In the final scene a guy regains consciousness, sitting in a chair facing a mirror. He's wearing a buggs bunny mask. When he pulls the mask off, his real face is gone.

So what do you all do in your spare time? lol.

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Dec 5

The same thing can be said of fake friends who pretend themselves into your lives and try to destroy your relationships and erode your self esteem.

Dec 6

@Ducktape that's a pretty interesting movie concept! In all honesty, it would be good if "narc awareness" could come to a point where a movie like that would be marketable to the masses. I don't mean it in the sense of box office success, but more so where the average person can identify what narcissism is, and not confuse it and over use the label on those who might be conceited or self-absorbed.

But yeah, the "mask" as an actual concrete thing is helping me to process all this. I long for him when he was wearing that mask. But he's thrown it away now, he doesn't even own that actual mask anymore. No matter what, it could never go back to the way it was again. And I know I didn't give good treats at Halloween. I'm pretty cheap and stingy with my treats (very prideful with healthy boundaries) so I know the likelihood of him trying to knock again and again wearing a SIMILAR mask, or without any mask at all, will be slim....
And I am trying to accept that is a good thing <3

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