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Surprisingly i had a good birthday/and birthday weekend. Bu

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Surprisingly i had a good birthday/and birthday weekend. But today as the weekend ends. Im feeling really sad all over again. Its like i was at a huge high and now im hitting so low again. I miss him like crazy i still dream with him. Wish there was a way to stop that. My dumb cousin told me about his girlfriend lastnight how she checked on her profile and thinks they're still together. LIKE WHY ARE U TELLING ME im trying to go away from that o dont want ro check social medias and see what they're up to . And my mom asked me about him today (she doesn't know how bad this has affected me and how he was cheating on me all along with another woman for 4 yrs) asking if he tried contacting me on my birthday... idk im just in my feelings really hard after having an amazing birthday weekend. Which i HAVENT HAD in years!! He would always ruin it somehow and there trying to ruin it again but yet he isn't in my life anymore. For those who dont know i haven't spoke to him in MONTHS or heard from him at all since September

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Feb 11

Happy belated birthday.

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Feb 11

I made the mistake of checking social media on my ex and it sent me in a downward spiral. It was very eye opening how just seeing his life clearly moving on affected me. We really heal so much more quickly if these people are out of sight and out of mind. I though to myself, "well, he hurt me, but now I'm hurting me." I'm all about self care and this was not a move towards self care. I'm proud of you for staying away, but you do need to get the message to all who love you to not divulge anything about him to you.

Feb 11

Maybe you could do what a narc does and deflect, change the subject.


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