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I wish therapy wasn't so dam expensive;(

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I wish therapy wasn't so dam expensive;(

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Feb 12

There has to be a possibility of somewhere in your surroundings for some Help center, you are very young girl and you have the right for help. Investigate about it. Also investigate about online counseling, sometimes some people from centres even do it for free.

Yes, therapy costs, and it also takes time and luck to find right therapist. I was lucky that I had friend who had issues and after some tries found the right person for therapist, and this person also suits me. So in case you even start therapy, if after some time you do not feel progress, connection and understandment- a degree does not mean that this person will know how to deal with your mental state- do not hesitate to change it.

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Feb 12

@Wispa As empaths we might atract the same tipe of people.But we should let around us only the ones that are worth to be with us,not the ones that use our empathic nature.

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Feb 12

@Pestisor agreed, but sometimes they are a wolf in sheep's clothing and it takes awhile for their true identity to show up. I learn this the hard way over and over, lol.


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