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Hey. Um this is the first time I am ever doing something lik

Hey. Um this is the first time I am ever doing something like this. I don't like really talking to anyone about my problems or how I feel,but my sister recommend it and said that it helped her.
I'm 16 and I'm depressed.

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Apr 16

I'm sorry to hear of the way that you are feeling. It is really important to have a good support system, and it sounds like your sister could be one of those people who helps support you. Have you spoken with a guidance counselor at school or your parents about how you have been feeling? Also, please continue to post on here and welcome to the support groups.

Apr 16

Welcome to the SG Depression group. We are happy that you have joined us. This is an amazing and safe place where you can share your thoughts, feelings and struggles without judgement. Continue to post and you will make friends and receive help and support.

Apr 16

@sunandflowers Hi, thank you for your support. I just started talking to my sister about what I feel sometimes, we really just started opening up to each other but she is extremely supportive of me. I haven't spoken to my mom about how I feel all the time because my mom is one of the main reasons I feel the way I do. I also don't feel very comfortable about talking to someone at my school yet, you know baby steps. But thank you so much for your support.


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