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I hate the f****** Navy. Everyone is so full of bs and super

I hate the f****** Navy. Everyone is so full of bs and super petty. They work us raw and expect us to stay positive. The Chiefs get so freaking excited every time they get a chance to yell at someone. I don't know if I can make it these last 2 years. I don't know how to function I get anxiety almost every day and depression when I get home and sit there alone. I hate myself because I'm so messed up in the head and I get just get so lost in thoughts. I'm just a huge walking mess and an easy target for their games. Im also financially screwed because my retarded self got scammed by one of my best friends who exploited my friendship in a pyramid scheme. On bad days on my way home from the ship I think about hitting the gas unbuckling my seatbelt and closing my eyes...

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Jun 16

Derf, get out. Communicate your concerns, request to separate from the service. Get some medical and mental counseling that will allow you to give the service a basis for your separation. Life after the service is much better, you don't have to work for the military or government. Find people who are independent, and be your own boss. Find a job that makes you happy. The military is not for everyone.

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Jul 11

Have you requested to see a counselor? Could you get a medical discharge if one confirmed a mental illness such as depression? I have no idea how the military works but it’s worth a shot.


@TheDerfMan I had a superior that used me as an "example" to screw with, so his buddy could get promoted. I almost quit the Army because of him. I was lucky that a retention Sgt saw what was going on and helped me to transfer. I loved my next unit. Stayed 14 years before I got medically retired. As for the suicidal thoughts...see your chaplain AND doctor. They help different parts of your psych and could make a positive change you never expected. Also, that **** Chief, no matter if you're in the military or civilian, those type of people are always around. Sad to say it's something you need to learn to cope with. Meanwhile, socialize. Find someone that's getting hell too and bond over it.


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