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Rather kill myself than put myself through facing the world

Rather kill myself than put myself through facing the world and its problems. This is why im such a loner. I cant deal with other people. Killing myself so i dont end up like just another statistic. Who should i take with me? The world is full of scum.

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Jun 5

Sorry to hear of how your disability has changed things and the anxiety and depression that you are facing as well. Sometimes, it feels hard to survive let alone desire to help others. I was listening to a speaker the other day talking about being generous. (He has a terminal cancer dx.) Sometimes, even when we don't feel like it, it can be helpful to give or bless others. I hope that helps....

Jun 5

Dolo, do you sleep a lot when you are depressed or do you have other activities to do? When I have struggled the most with anxiety and depression I have felt like everything is meaningless and useless and boring. It helps me to verbally say "get up! go take a shower!" I know it's not a total fix but sometimes we can trick ourselves enough until our brain is in a better state of mind. Do you have friends or family to talk to in person or on the phone?

Jun 9

I am sorry you feel so low brother. Life can be so hard sometimes for no reason. Suicide is considered by many people in their lives who never confess it to someone else so these thoughts are more common than you think. There is one thing I would say about "scum" if you dont mind. "Scum" is not always who they appear to be. Someone you think is scum may not be, and someone else who looks squeaky clean to the world, may be the biggest scumbag on earth. You cannot tell. Let God or a Higher Power deal with the scum, don't get yourself involved. Try to be strong and hold on. Very easy for me to say I know but I mean it.


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