just a little somthing i thought up - thought id share Tr

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just a little somthing i thought up - thought id share

Trapped inside my thoughts, trapped inside my head,
trapped inside my room, sitting on my bed,
trapped inside my emotions a sadness deep within.
A blackened soul, a broken heart, how did this beginning?

Trapped inside a nightmare which started as a dream,
trapped inside a promise of which they didn't mean.
Surrounded by the lies. Wrapped up in the decite
Trapped inside a monster I cannot defeat.

I cannot slay this dragon burning up inside.
Eating up my confidence eating up my pride.
Nibbling at my esteem. Burning out my soul.
Once I used to have a heart but now there's just a hole.

The beast was a person, a person with evil intent,
but now the monster lives inside, even though the beast went.
See the actions of another, doesn't just go when the leave,
It lingers deep within the soul. Like smoke upon breeze.

Like a fire which has burned out. The ambers still remain.
Smouldering much longer then the passing of the flame.
But people done consider that there action are to blame.
And will continue with another and do it all again

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Mar 20, 2017

That's beautiful. Thank you for showing your heart and soul. Poetry is a great form of expression. I hope to hear more of your heart

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Mar 20, 2017

@Natet0499 ty :)


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