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I have literally cried for 2 hours straight because I'm feel


I have literally cried for 2 hours straight because I'm feeling that down and lonely. My head now hurts from being dehydrated and I'm so tired. I'm sick of feeling alone and uncared for. I just want to end it all. I'm this close to doing so. I am laid here and I feel like o can't physically move because I've cried all my energy away. Might as well be home alone because all my partner does it watch a load of stuff on YouTube and sits down stairs on his phone. He tells me he can't cope with my illness and I make him depressed which hey doesn't help me and my self esteem. I'm tired of it all. Never seems to be my time to be happy.

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May 16

I've been there... there was a time when I would cry for 7 hours (taking 10 minutes brake to do some day to day tasks) I felt lonely and couldn't find a way out to how I was feeling. But I can tell you that there is hope. It is possible...
How are you today? I'm sure you probably have been feeling this way for awhile now and it has to be overwhelming. Have you ever gone to a doctor, psychologist, counselor, spiritual guide, etc? Sometimes people that care for us don't have the tools to take care of us and that is ok. We all have the feeling of emptiness from time to time and we try to fill it up with others, or money, or experiences and at the end stays or even gets bigger... Don't be afraid to ask for help, here is a good start but some situations require more effort and time to heal! Do you have a strong, smart and kind woman in your life that can listen or guide you?
I know of a few sites that might guide you to the right direction, let me know if you are interested.

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May 16

Just tell him you're tired of him and leave.

May 16

I'm sorry this is not working out for you. I hope you soon find support.


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