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I’m unemployed with no friends, no significant other, no s

I’m unemployed with no friends, no significant other, no siblings and my parents don’t believe in mental illnesses. They think I’m making all of this up. I hate feeling like this. I hate that I have no one to talk to that I have to look for support groups online. I’m tired of living this lonely sad life. I feel like my life is quickly crumbling down and I don’t have the drive or motivation to dig myself out.

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Jul 12

I feel you. I really do, I feel the exact same way these days.. We will get through this.

Jul 12

my wife is a depressive marijuana sent her in to a psychosis ended up with a who lot more problems. .and then statement trust me really

Jul 13

@worstcurse I do understand what you are saying and perhaps in my zeal I have said it in a way that might feel offensive and it was never intended. For that I do apologize. I do feel as if I have found the cure for cancer and for everything else for that matter and don't want anyone to miss out. My love and joy is sincere and my zeal may have turned you the wrong way and I pray that it did not harm you or anyone.


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