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Anyone feel like chatting? Ive been real down lately very de

Anyone feel like chatting? Ive been real down lately very depressed im stuck in a bad situation that i cant get out of for a while still and i feel like a trapped rat. I think its slowly killing me. Ive been talking to my best friend alot shes amazing and i love her but i know she has her own crazy life to live and i dont wanna continually interrupt that. Since ive been so down lately too i think i may be pretty depressing to talk to and i dont wanna inject my negativity in her life because she deserves to have wonderful days without me bringing her down. Im hoping someone on here might be inclined to chat?

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Arora's picture
Dec 7

@Hopefulmess I didn't... Can u send me again?...

norseduncan's picture
Dec 7

@Hopefulmess a PM? I did not. PMing you

Dec 7

treasure your friend. That is what they are there for. At least you have one.


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