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Yesterday my therapist diagnosed me with MDD. I read about i

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Yesterday my therapist diagnosed me with MDD. I read about it and was surprised with how I had all the symptoms. So finally I realized whats wrong with me. Now that I know what Im facing it makes it easier to deal with. Before there was this unknown thing that was making me so helpless. I didnt know what to do. I didnt know whats wrong with me. Now even if the therapy doesnt help, it still gave me some good info about myself. Then I met this psychiatrist. This time wasnt like last time and this guy listened to me carefully and noted down my problems then prescribed me some meds. Feeling down for having to take them but I know I cant continue on my own anymore. I need something to relay on. I needed a break from the hell that was created in my mind and also I needed something to help me to deal with the hell outside of it, this life. Its too soon to say the meds are working but today was pretty relaxed. Part of me know this is artificial peace that the meds brings me. But I guess I have to get what I can. Now its been a while since the time I took them and Im starting to feel down again. Cant believe I ended up like this. Need something to focus on so I wont think about the horrible things that are happening in my life. I need hope. There isnt any and its hard to create one.

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Nov 14

If your brain isn't processing serotonin correctly it isn't false relief. Glad you saw someone and are hopefully on your way to some sense of peace.

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Nov 14

@spark_girl yeah... It is hard at first.... But it will really help u... Don't think of it as something big... U know how we take medicines for cold or headache? This is the same as that... Whenever u r taking tablet, think that u r taking it for ur headache and nothing else... May be it will help... And don't stop once u see the results... It takes time for ur brain to be able to function on it's own without the help of tablets... So complete the course... And check in with ur doc regularly.... Hope u get better soon... Keep in touch


Hey spark_girl, I'm glad you finally found a therapist that you feel more comfortable with. Also I hope the meds help. Be patient and continue to be proactive, even baby steps in the right direction is still progress. Don't feel bad about the meds, if they help then they help. That's a good thing.


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