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why can't I calm down, stop stressing over nothing, stop bei

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why can't I calm down, stop stressing over nothing, stop being so hard on myself?

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Apr 20, 2017

because your anxiety is not under control, it sounds like. when mine was not I did all of those things

Apr 21, 2017

During a marriage of constant abuse My husband locked me in a basement for several days as he and his friend proceeded to sentence me to hell in a satanic reading. Knowing God but not all the scriptures, The lord gave me the words to admonish and everytime i flip a page His word was there . It was miraculous and i was released from the basement. I proceedingly left for church the next Sunday and did not return. I had three little kids at the time. My husband later shot people after holding them as hostage as he did me and went to prison for a long time. My kids are grown and now I have grand kids. The lord saved us and kept us well.
Suffering empty nest and menopause with PTSD, the anxiety and depression was so severe that i could not go into my house or carry on a conversation. Being a believer i prayed and pleaded with the Lord who delivered me and healed me without drugs. I felt His healing hand upon me. The mental spiritual warfare was extreme but God drew me close and showed me His word and love to be true. I felt His spirit take over . It was the most amazing experience i ever encountered. HE truly works all things for the good and loves us unconditionally. HE is my love and life. I have now surrendered to His will.
Know that no matter what you are going through, God is greater . He IS real and will help you
I will be praying for you
Stay strong

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Apr 21, 2017


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