Stress is got me down. Feeling so alone and tired of this b

Stress is got me down. Feeling so alone and tired of this battle.

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Aug 16

I am struggling to find any positives in this situation. Really fearful this will drag on and on just getting worse and worse.

Aug 16

Hang in there! Take it a little at a time.

Aug 17

Hi welcome friend. I can understand your problem very well because I also facing problem in my life just 2 year ago. I want to pray God to provide enough energy and capacity to handle this difficult situation. There are various Medical Research reports available on Internet that signifies maximum disease and maximum harm due to stress and depression all over the world. Now I am leaving happy and healthy life and use proper stress management tips and tricks to handle all type of a problem in professional way. You should not lose hope. You should be positive to overcome this difficult situation in your life.
I want to forget those days of my life that are full of stress and depression that ruins my life day by day. I want to overcome this critical situation at any cost. We try each and every effective method but not succeed. We consult with expert to know effective treatment to stress management.
It is good idea to manage proper planning to handle stress management in effective way. You can start your planning from day first with easy Healthy lifestyle. You can start early morning walk and some easy exercise that is sufficient to provide proper blood supply to your all organs of your body. You can do effective meditation. Meditation is most popular and reliable way to handle stress management in better way. It is clear signal that your body is not in balance. You make your body and mind in balance with meditation. You should consume healthy and balanced diet that provide enough energy to your body for smooth working for whole day with full of energy. I hope you get sufficient information to clear all your doubts in medical way.

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