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I'm realizing that some things aren't meant for everyone. So

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I'm realizing that some things aren't meant for everyone. Some people aren't meant to have a special someone in their lives. Some of us are meant to be alone. Maybe things would go smoother if I just accepted that it may very well be my fate. All relationships I've had have been unhealthy to some extent and this last one ended with me being spoken to in the most disrespectful way. I honestly didn't ever think it would go that way, but it did. 5 years gone. It makes me sad thinking that the life that could and should have been can't be. I should focus on other things I'm sure but I see other people with their person and I can't help but feel sad. And I mean its everywhere. Magazines, television, in real life. All I see is couples and I think of all I'm not getting to do. I used to take myself out on dates, a silly concept to some, but it taught me that I could enjoy my own company. I did that when I was younger and now that I am older I truly want companionship, respect and love. I want my person but I don't think I will ever have one. Maybe a soulmate just isn't in the cards for me....

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Aug 1

I Think it takes time to find that also with the pandemic it might be harder to find someone unless you try online dating.


I understand how you feel. But you cant really know that for certain, especially right now after all you've been through. It's not your fault that your previous relationships didn't work. Perhaps now is the time for you to focus on healing yourself and adapting to motherhood. When you're dealing with so much pain it's too easy to let someone unhealthy into your life. You deserve someone better! But it might take time.


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