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Shades of Night Shades of night Carries a song. With unh


Shades of Night
Shades of night
Carries a song.
With unheard words
It floats along.
Into hearts of some
That will not hear.
Into hearts of many
It carries a fear.
A fear so strong
That inside you cry.
A fear that laughs
As love passes by.
So love goes,
Never to return.
And fear grows,
Grows ‘til it burns.
Burns like fire,
As hot as coal.
Spreads like mad
Until it fills the soul.
The soul grows weak
With flames within.
Melting the life,
That glows within.
A life that was once
Full of love and delight.
Cursed, how cursed,
Are the shades of night.

Gone Fishing's picture
Jul 11

That’s was fantastic. Thank you for sharing. I hope to post more of your poetry. You have great talent.

Jul 11


Jul 11

I actually had that one published in Polk Community College's student book one year.


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