It's an awful morning. Thoughts are circulating through my h

It's an awful morning. Thoughts are circulating through my head and making me severely depressed. I'm lying in my bed extremely lonely af, and to make matters worse, I'm just trying to cheer myself up by watching and reading stuff, and everything in injected with politics or some other nonsense that's making me even more depressed. I wish I could just go back to sleep.

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May 2

@tabbycat65 you’re not alone millions have sleep issues like that. Keep trying different things!

May 3

@Scarlet I understand what you mean about news. I don't watch TV news anymore. It's too negative. I go online and use the following website: Then I select only what I want to read. (ap news is good because it's factual) (this is there headline news) (this is a nice change of pace because it's only positive news) (this has only positive news articles as well)

The best way to cheer yourself up is to think only good feeling thoughts from your past, present or future. Stop any negative thoughts and shift immediately to good feeling thoughts.
As you do that you will start to feel happy and peaceful. Continue to do that until it becomes automatic. Then you'll find that sleep is much easier and is very restful.


Yes!!!! You are doing the right thing! I do NOT watch a news show on TV---too negative! What I do is---I pull up my local stations online and that way I pick and choose what I read and/or listen to!


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