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I'm not sure how to begin this... I'm 23. Unemployed, but I'

I'm not sure how to begin this... I'm 23. Unemployed, but I'm watching my aunts kids because her husband has been in the hospital from open heart surgery. I'm so used to taking care of everyone but myself. From the age 16 to 20 I was in and out of long relationships. It was almost an addiction. Not wanting to be alone because I was left with just myself, my self hating self. I honestly don't know a time of when I did love myself, even as a child. I'm the middle child. I was picked on in school. I was molested in the 1st grade by a fellow student. I just struggle with understanding life and my meaning for it. I feel alone....I feel like my life is pointless.

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Oct 16

So sorry you are feeling so alone. It's good you have the kids to take care of for now. It sounds like there may be a bit of depression going on, but you come across as a fighter, knowing and wanting something more, better. Hold on to that, it can keep you going. In the meantime, have you considered a job where you can care for others? Daycare, nursing, hospice, Court appointed special advocate, etc. This might be a good fit since caring for others IS something you have experience in. Hang in there and keep going until you find your purpose.

Oct 16

I am so sorry! That is absolutely not true about you. You are wonderfully made and for a purpose! You are more than enough! Please stop believing lies about yourself. I would definitely consider talking to a professional about your situation. I will be praying for you

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Oct 16

Thank u guys so much for the support. It feels good to know ur not going thru this alone. @pam4him thank u:) and yes I've deff been thinking about a job. I actually have sorta picked up sewing and I love it. I know it sounds weird lol but I guess I have an old soul. @azzie I'd love to talk, I sent a request to u to be able to private message:) @lauralou thank u so much for ur thoughts and prayers and you will be in my prayers as well:)


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