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I'll let someone control me if I have to. I'm just tired of

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I'll let someone control me if I have to. I'm just tired of being alone.

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Nov 14

Moon_pie is right... U should never set ur boundaries aside.... That will give the chance for ppl to abuse u... And trust me that's far worse than feeling alone... There's a great way I know which makes u feel less lonely.... U know what the magical thing to do is? Writing... Keep a journal... U don't need to write everyday but try to write whenever u feel lonely.... Put all ur pain, frustration and anger on paper.... Believe me I Know how angry we could get when feeling lonely.... And if u still feel lonely, call ur frns, family etc... If u don't want to, come to this site.... Though I'm new to this site myself, I feel like maybe I could find frns here... Ppl who genuinely care and understand...not just act for my sake.... I wish u all the best...

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Nov 14

I know the feeling. Not a good one to actually carry out but I know. *hugs*

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Nov 14

I have felt that way many times and have even acted on it a few times... let me tell you from experience the damage and pain from a bad or abusive relationship far outweighs the pain of loneliness.. They can chew you up and spit you out a beaten down mess just as Moon_pie said.. the feeling itself is normal but please don't act on it..


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