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I know I'm still young and all but because of the stuff I've

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I know I'm still young and all but because of the stuff I've been going through I feel like I'll never find new friends, or a lover for that matter. I'm a shy person in general, but as I'm getting older I seemed to have developed major social anxiety/awkwardness and I hate it because I really like meeting new people, new personalities, making new friends, however during these past few years I have not made many friends and the little friends I do have either half *** the relationship or we're just not that close. Like I can't even walk into a room without thinking people are looking at me, thinking bad things about me, just feeling disgusted by my presence, and yes it is getting worse. Every time I make eye contact with someone I think it's bad and every single day I at least once a day think people are talking bad about me. I love to be alone trust me, I would even prefer to stay away from people and all that stress and I do keep to myself by my own choice. But when the loneliness kicks in that's another story... I wish I had someone like everyone else seems to have their person/people. I guess I'm not worth all that. Maybe it was just my destiny to be alone at least then no one would have to waste their time on me..

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Oct 12

@Nightinggale777 other post haha


I feel every word completely. Just know that nobody's destiny is to be alone, that is a choice we make. You will find someone someday. It's hard I know but just put yourself out there some! It's something I need to work on too. But I believe you can do it, and I hope you'll believe you can do it too!

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Oct 17

@OpenHeart.OpenMind Thank you


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