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I have no hope for my future. Everyone always says that your

I have no hope for my future. Everyone always says that your twenties are supposed to be when you're out living life, but I'm just stuck in an agonizing limbo of debts and uncertainty, and I feel worthless. Never in my life have I ever dated (let alone had a girl reciprocate my feelings), my friends are all in different states, most days I'm alone in my house for the majority of the day, I can't find a job, I'm massively in debt, and my money is running out fast. This is supposed to be the best times of my life? I'm terrified that it's true, that this is as good as my life is going to get, and that everything will be downhill from here. I feel like such a failure of a person.

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Feb 10

Life is full of bad things at times but at your age you have so much to live for. You seem cool from the post. One day at a time.. in the state u live is there any resources to help find a job. I am here if u want to talk

Feb 10

Don't give up in your life pursuits. Time can change everything. But you need to stay positive about your self. Let me share a true story with you about finding a job. My father told me that when he tried to find a job during the great depression, nobody was hiring! So he went into a business and told the owner that he would Work For Free one week to show he was a hard worker. The business owner said okay and after the week he hired my dad !
When i was in my 20s i became depressed over not finding a job so i remembered that story and tried it myself and after the first week the man hired me and he also insisted on paying me for the first week ! Now, it may not work out like this everytime but don't give up, keep working on presenting yourself in a business like mannor and you will find a job. Here is a favorite quote i akways liked. " The lazy person has his cravings, yet he has nothing, But the diligent one will be fully satisfied. " - Proverbs 13:4
" There is nothing better for a man than to eat and drink and find enjoyment in his hard work. This too, I have realized, is from the hand of the true God. "
- Ecclesiastes 2:24

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Feb 10

even in your thirties its hard, you just have to push, It's just not easy I had to find a new job that work with my hours and I don't make as much as a should. In fact, just this weekend my car got wrongfully towed due to the misinformation of the parking addendum that was supposed to me given to me. Little did I know, It was online and I didn't exactly fill it out completely. Luckily it was managements fault, so no penalty.


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