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christians tell me that there is a god. I've not seen any s

christians tell me that there is a god. I've not seen any sign or hint of that...not for many many years. If he's there he doesn't care. I'm alone...no family, not many friends left...no one cares when you're broke and have no future.

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Sep 16

@Technofreak Time to stop praying and take responsibility for your own life. No one is rewarding or punishing anyone from above, we are in control of ourselves unless we give that control up to mythology and superstitions. I have been where you are and saved my relationship, but it took both of us taking responsibility. Perhaps seeking out a marriage counselor is in order?

Sep 17

Lilnicky - I have been there. I grew up in the church and a ton of bad things happened to me throughout my life that made me question where is God. Why would He allow this? I got to a point where I questioned His existence and His love. He didn’t let me give up though. I don’t think you should either. I commend you for getting on here and asking about this. When I was going through my valley I asked questions and God seemed to send me answers through people who would come into my life. I started going to church and talking to wise people who really understood what I was going through. Don’t give in to the darkness God is with you. Please know I am praying for you and feel free to private message me. -Rachel

Sep 27

@Lilnicky I believe God does know who you are, and that He hasn't left you, but He's waiting for you to rely on Him to help you and protect you. He may seem like He's absent but He is truly there for you.


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