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So those of u who read my post a few nights doing so

So those of u who read my post a few nights doing somewhat ok still didnt get exact closure but heard today when my sons mother called her daughter while i was at my mother in laws house shes going on a date with a 42 year old guy..i wish her the best but still didnt get closure she said i got it when i was dating the girl i tried to get over my bby momma with whatever that means..maybe tiffany comes back some day maybe she wont..still hurts she didnt give me exact closure and that she didnt say move on..but ik what i need to do..if she comes back i wont be waiting...still gunna have a hard time for the next few months tho

Nov 15

So sorry you didn't get closure sometime we don't and have to create ways to heal from this. You sound like a very strong willed person so I do believe you will get thru all of this just don't be so hard on yourself.


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