I have been with my wife for 6 years now who I absolutely ad

I have been with my wife for 6 years now who I absolutely adore but I am intent on ruining our relationship. Every chance I have I accuse her of cheating. I feel so depressed with it all and I have no reason to do this all the time as it is ruining everything. I am scared to go and get help as I think there is more people out there that need the help. I am so lonely inside and again I have no reason. I have a great life a wonderful family but still not happy . I do need help as I am going to end up alone and I don't know how to stop feeling like this is horrible. I have had a lot of issues in my past that could be the problem but I just need some one to talk to to try and understand

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Sep 13

@BSlaura I suggest you research information on insecurity and abandonment issues, and see what applies to yourself. Knowledge and understanding lead to insight and self-awareness -- which are important factors in healing and recovery from emotional issues.....

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Sep 13

I would definitely seek professional help. You are sabotaging your relationship and need to find out why. There is something deep seeded within you that drives this destructive behavior. Hope you find the support you need.

Sep 20

You are wise to address this issue. It is one that can drive your relationship apart. I agree with the others advice. Find a good counselor or pastor to help you through this. Our past relationships can cause havoc in our present relationships. When you speak to a counselor or pastor - ask them how you and your wife can ensure one another that you are committed to each other. Also, find out how to talk transparently to one another - while maintaining trust in one another. Your wife needs to feel your trust in her. Check out Christian radio - there are some ministries that give great family and relational guidance. They offer seminars too - which you and your wife could gain much wisdom from. I am a big fan of those seminars - you find out vital information and that all relationships need it. Prayers that you find the right counsel for you!


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