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I am new to this group and all . I have been adviced to visi

I am new to this group and all . I have been adviced to visit a therapist but im too scared to sit infront of anyone . That is why i joined this group to stay anonymous. I am 18 years old and i am going through alot . In an age where I should be happy , i am spending my time crying , severely depressed. I dont go any where . I sit in my room all day. My parents are always busy with their work. I have tried committing suicide multiple time . I dont know what to do.

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Mar 14

@viralmist thank you for replying. A therapist is non-judgmental and main focus is to help you work through your situation.
A few things that you can control and have an impact on you is your nutrition, hydration, and activity. Our bodies depend on balanced diet, being well hydrated, and 20-30 minutes of exercise a day in order to maintain the chemical balance. Consider focusing on these three areas to ensure your health.

Mar 14

@Genlean i dont feel like doing or having anything

Mar 15

@viralmist I understand, yet you need to focus on your health for your future self. Start small ensure that you increasing your water intake just by 24 oz. You deserve the best that you can have. I hope for peace for you.


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