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Well... All my improved thoughts are out the window ... Foun

Well... All my improved thoughts are out the window ... Found secret email my husband has, which has been linked to a FB account . Which we both agreed not to use after his affair.
I have bronchitis n feel like ****,this just tops off the need to cry... Why don't people just leave , just leave the person if your just going to cheat, what happened to honesty and dedication , for better or worse , loyalty ? FML.. I hate myself..

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Nov 9

@Mbm30 - Everything you say is right, no matter how much you love someone relationships are not meant to make you cry with unhappiness or feel sad, anxious, stressed, afraid etc. Abuse makes you feel that way. Love does not. You have been so strong and you set a wonderful example of how to put yourself back on the right road. I wish you every future happiness and success.

Nov 9

It’s not easy but now we make the rules. We leave and do for us now. I’m sorry people are horrible and he has no respect for what he has. I gave my husband one more chance if I find anything like this. I’m gone no discussion no nothing.

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Nov 9

Sadly there are so many people out there that don't have morals and it makes it easy for affairs/cheating to happen. I am degusted with it having it happen in my former relationship. I am at a point of not trying again. It makes me sick.


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