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Despondent. I am mourning he loss of my daughter’s 7th mi

Despondent. I am mourning he loss of my daughter’s 7th miscarriage today. Obviously, I’m devastated for her but must guard my own devastation so not to add to her own grief. It’s been a horrendous two year journey of hope followed by loss. She has endured so much pain and I’m powerless to do more than listen. For the last seven years I’ve been in the midst of one storm after another, an alcoholic brother (now dead), a husband with rapidly advancing Parkinson’s, providing care to a resistant and quickly fading elderly mother who can’t even attend to her basic needs, yet abjectly refuses help. My daughter’s struggle by far is the single most difficult aspect of my life and I’m afraid this one is pushing me to the brink of giving up. I can’t stand the pain of knowing there is nothing waiti;g for me on the other side of these storms. I’ve lost any semblance of hope. My husband will continue to deteriorate. My 87 year old mother will die. Then what’s left? I am surrounded by people with able bodied husbands who can walk far enough to go out to dinner. I surrounded by people who have the freedom to go to a movie without worrying about a mother. And not a day goes by that I’m not greeted with the wonderful news of a friend expecting a grandchild. My crystal ball prediction in undeniable and I don’t see any point anymore.

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Apr 4

You are in a very upsetting position in life. I wish there was more to your life. I wish you didn't have so much to worry about. Life is really unfair to some people. Unfortunately, you are one of those. None of your other problems seems to have solutions. But fortunately, your daughter can still have a baby. 7 miscarriages show that there is something wrong. Has she gotten any medical tests done? Did they diagnose a cause? Did she get treatment for it? If you give more details about your daughter's situation I think we can help. That is because having a baby is never impossible anymore. If nothing works, one can always go for adoption, IVF, or surrogacy. What do you say?

Apr 5

You are such a strong woman to bear all this. This is too much for a normal human being to go through.How are you surviving this honey? I salute your will and strength. You know everything is acceptable for a woman but her children's grief. When your child is in pain, it breaks you into pieces too. I can imagine how hard it must be for you. To see your daughter going through 7 miscarriages. She is also as strong as you. Like mother like daughter. I am sure she got the strength to fight this from you. Tell her to go for Artificial treatments for pregnancy. She can consider IVF or surrogacy or even adoption. Whatever suits her best. It will make her happy and solve one of your many problems too. Hope you get peace in life soon. Loads of love on your way XOXO

Apr 5

Hey Teresa, I am a bit confuse after reading the few lines you wrote. It is absolute normal pregnancy takes at least one year to succeed. If she is not succeeded. I don’t think so she should go for surrogacy at once. Talk to her. Make her mind bit relax and disscuss her it is not such an issue to for surrogacy. Ask her to talk her husband keep the surrogacy as a third option. As the surrogacy is best the solution for infertility. And no doubt surrogates playing most important role in the people’s lives. But is not declared infertile at all. She should ask her hubby, visit a good doctor. They should discuss their problem without any hesitation to the doctor. The doctor will suggest the best solution. Hoping for the good result for your friend. Fingers crossed.


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