Despondent. I am mourning he loss of my daughter’s 7th mi

Despondent. I am mourning he loss of my daughter’s 7th miscarriage today. Obviously, I’m devastated for her but must guard my own devastation so not to add to her own grief. It’s been a horrendous two year journey of hope followed by loss. She has endured so much pain and I’m powerless to do more than listen. For the last seven years I’ve been in the midst of one storm after another, an alcoholic brother (now dead), a husband with rapidly advancing Parkinson’s, providing care to a resistant and quickly fading elderly mother who can’t even attend to her basic needs, yet abjectly refuses help. My daughter’s struggle by far is the single most difficult aspect of my life and I’m afraid this one is pushing me to the brink of giving up. I can’t stand the pain of knowing there is nothing waiti;g for me on the other side of these storms. I’ve lost any semblance of hope. My husband will continue to deteriorate. My 87 year old mother will die. Then what’s left? I am surrounded by people with able bodied husbands who can walk far enough to go out to dinner. I surrounded by people who have the freedom to go to a movie without worrying about a mother. And not a day goes by that I’m not greeted with the wonderful news of a friend expecting a grandchild. My crystal ball prediction in undeniable and I don’t see any point anymore.

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Mar 13

I experienced my first and only miscarriage about 3 years ago. Being a guy it rocks us as well but I cannot fathom 7. Omg prayers and thoughts

Mar 13

It is very heartbreaking. I can feel for you. You must be going through the tough phase of life. Your daughter is even in more trouble. I think you should compose yourself. Otherwise, your daughter will be more tensed. Get her to a good clinic. Find out the reasons of MCs. Do not take it lightly. Continuous MCs can lead to infertility as well. You should be careful about it. If there is a genuine problem then do not go for conceiving again. It will hurt her body only. Instead, you can go for some alternative. I hope you understand what I am saying. It is very difficult to do. I think you should move on now. Her body is not capable of bearing continuous MCs. I wish her all the best in future.

Mar 14

Hello! I am so sorry for your daughter's losses and your own. I hope you are doing somewhat better. Sadly, these things are a part of life. I think you should advise your daughter to check out other options. She could go for IVF treatment, or better yet, surrogacy. I was unable to conceive, and that's what I turned to. It has really been the best. Good luck!


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