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So Hi, I'm relatively okay this past few months but the depr

So Hi, I'm relatively okay this past few months but the depression just keeps bugging me where I would just lay down on my bed thinking about the future. I guess to much reading and overthinking has its toll on me. I'm not scared for Hiv and I learned to accept it as a part of me, but I'm scared for what the future lies ahead for me. I'm scared that I may not live a normal life, or have a job something like that. And it truly scares me the most, especially I don't have someone to lean on in this desperate times. It's really hard, very. Tho I cannot cry myself out nor I cannot cry at all for what is the future have for me. Honestly there are times that I like I would just cease to exist, like poof. Gone with all the memories I left with the people I love so that they will not be saddened.

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Sep 9

You don’t really want that, do you? Like me, when I get thinking about that, I think of the things I still want to accomplish.

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Nov 20

Smoke weed and enjoy what life you do have. 420 all the way.


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