Hello, i feel really sad tonight. I cannot sleep. Im very st

Hello, i feel really sad tonight. I cannot sleep. Im very stressed about my bills and family and personal problem all together in my head. I try to work over 10 hours just to pay the house bills. Two hours ago, i just had it..i broke and started crying. My boyfriend saw me and got mad, instead of saying something nice he just screamed at me. I dont understand ...if i see someone sad i dont scream at them, i help them. And i am supposed to be someone he loves.
I feel i just want to leave this house , and forget about the plan and hopes we had together.
I was getting over depression but now im going downhill again.

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Mar 14

My husband has the same reaction. I think they get so frustrated they can't cope

Mar 14

@Sadie170 i agree, or dont know how to react to women when we get emotional

Mar 14

Hurt people hurt people. It's a vicious cycle. I think the only way to break it is to be a little selfish. Put your feelings before theirs if the person you love doesn't do it for you. It is a hard thing to do but it can save your sanity when you are dealing with someone like that.


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