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This young girl lost her life in June in a horrible car acci

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This young girl lost her life in June in a horrible car accident. The accident left her young mother with massive injuries that will take months of recovery but a lifetime of wishing to hold her baby girl again. The girl age 19 left behind a 3yr old beautiful girl and a 5 week old boy. She had a seizure and they struck a tree and caught fire. Feel sad and heartache from her life lost but use her years gone to hug those you love, forgive any that need and give yourself the caring and hope you deserve.

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Jul 15

Yes our lives have been very somber since June. Her death has also made me truly question my ethics when I say I can't keep fighting.

Jul 16

I'm really sorry to hear about it! Please accept my sincere sympathy on your loss and extend it to her mother in form of a big hug!

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Jul 17

@Still02 I'm so sorry for your loss and the deep pain it caused. If you don't mind sharing, what do you mean about questioning your ethics and saying that you can't keep fighting?


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