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I'm lost and adrift. I was with my ex from the time I was 16

I'm lost and adrift. I was with my ex from the time I was 16. I gave 22 yrs. Now even after a year and a half I keep finding scars, triggers, that bring me down. I am a mess. I put on a brave face for my kids, pretend all is well at work, but it's not. I struggle to get thru each and every day. Does it ever get better?

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I'm sorry for the pain that you feel, you have a long history with your ex and it has changed your life going forward, but we must continue to believe that there are greater things ahead. This is a new season in your life to become stronger, be an example for your kids because they are learning from you.
Everyone has experienced some sort of pain, I believe in Jesus Christ and I read about how He suffered through so much affliction and He kept his mind set forth on the Joy ahead. Life will continue to bring new seasons and we must be ready for the weather rather good or bad, move forward and be strong change is coming it may feel like deep winter but summer is coming:-)

Apr 16


I am sorry that your marriage did not work out. I am sorry for the pain you are struggling with. Do you have anyone liker a friend or family member who you can talk to? It would be helpful for you to talk with a therapist or counsellor so that you can cope better with what you are going through. Continue to post here so you can talk about what is on your mind and get more support.

Apr 18

My only close confidante in my mother who has stood by me throughout a very ugly process. My marriage became very abusive and I became very isolated through the years. I am trying to learn how to start over, reintegrate myself socially and forge new relationships. Aside from my mother my closest friends are all co-workers and people I cannot for obvious reasons allow to see all of my demons.


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