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Hello , I’ve been suffering from depression for a year and

Hello , I’ve been suffering from depression for a year and most of is feeling of worthlessness and loneliness. I literally trust no one and been emotionally abused by my mother . I have all the life sucked out of me and don’t feel motivated to do anything . My relationship was ruined due to my depression ( she didn’t know) and all the emotional abuse from my mom that made feel worthless led to my break up with her . I need help. Someone please help me

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Jun 13

can i be your friend

Jun 13

Hey! I'm so sorry to hear of all of your pain! That's horrible. I understand about the emotional abuse from a mother. Not sure how old you are now, but sounds like you're old enough to be out from under her roof and abuse, right? Who is working with you to work through the issues and get healthy? Do you have a counselor? You said it's been a year of depression, so you must be under a doctor's care? What steps are being taken, such as medicine? Not sure what triggered everything a year ago, but you seem to have a very caring heart. You're also very articulate and an excellent writer and communicator. What do you do for work? I care-and I'm sure plenty of others do, too!


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