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I am a diagnosed HSP.. I jam having a hard time with life. I

I am a diagnosed HSP.. I jam having a hard time with life. I live in Texas and ha e been longing to go back home to Canada.. I have no friends.. not one family member is alive ( both parents died before I was an adult.. I live with an extremely emotionally and verbally abusive ex . I used to be headhunted by companies and now I cant even get a call back.. vern unemployed for 6 yrs .... I have overcome so many obstacles in my life. I am normally a very strong person.. I know she is in there.. but U am so lost. I have already planned my last day.. I suffer from GAD and that anxiety is constant. I don't even know where to start here.


I'm sorry that you don't have any good support. Do you have people back in Canada?

Jul 1

I am sorry to hear that you are struggling and that you do not have any support. You do not deserve to be emotionally and verbally abused. You are a valuable worthy person who deserves to be happy. Are you getting any professional mental healthcare such as therapy? You are not alone here.

Jul 11

Yes, you are dealing with several things going on with you. Take it easy and relax. Give yourself time to rest and not take for granted caring for your self. When things are too much a good start is self care. Find a therapist.


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